Our New Right Sleeve Flag Design

Hey! This is George, Creator & Race Director of Ruck ‘N’ Run.
Bottom line up front:
Our new right sleeve flag design and why.
I just wanted to let you all in on a little secret. There are so many Veteran owned businesses. I’m thankful for these Veteran owned businesses and the support given to them.
I see so many Veteran or military inspired shirts out there, most of the time with the U.S. flag on the right sleeve. You’ve seen it on our shirts in the past. Since the flag is to be placed to its own right, the union (blue star field) is always to the upper left, whether it’s horizontal or vertical. If a flag is vertical and the union is upper right, the flag is bowing. Our flag doesn’t bow.
The flag on the right shoulder looks backwards because if it were an actual flag carried into battle, the flag would wave behind the pole as the person is advancing into battle. Veterans describe the flag on the right sleeve as “assaulting forward.”
Why? Because having the flag on the right shoulder with the union upper left (like normal), the flag would have the appearance of retreating.
If you know me, you know I do things differently. I march to the beat of my own drum and I most likely made the drum too. I wanted to create something unique to Ruck ‘N’ Run but be instantly recognizable to our Veteran and supporting community.
So, in keeping with this, I created a new right sleeve flag design…a U.S. flag on a pole, waving as it’s assaulting forwards into battle.
Why? ‘MERICA!!!